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America True is entirely dedicated to providing youth with opportunity to benefit from sailing and its inherent life lessons. We believe that sailing can teach youth valuable life lessons including confidence, independence, strategic thinking, teamwork and respect for the environment. We believe that sailing can, and should be open to all regardless of gender, culture, ethnic, or economic background. We believe that many of those who could benefit most do not currently have access to the sailing experience.

America True Youth Sailing Events are one-day events organized by America True in the Bay Area and around the nation. We bring together youth groups from at-risk neighborhoods with sailing clubs and yacht clubs, for day-long sails aboard club members’ sailboats. It is an opportunity for the kids to experience sailing, the wind in their faces, the feel of the helm, and the carefree joy of leaving their troubles ashore.
We will be expanding this program to provide more events at major sailing venues that hold promise for development of community sailing programs using the America True model for Learn-to-Sail Programs. We will seek communities with a strong requirement for youth recreational programming and match them with partners within the sailing industry, local educational institutions, civic organizations, local government agencies and sailors who can help organize and sustain a model program on a local level.

These local events will provide sailing experiences to hundreds of young people and provide the foundation for the establishment or expansion of ongoing low-cost community sailing programs in these areas. Among the targeted geographies are communities in Florida, Southern California, Detroit, Chicago, Texas and New York.

The Tall Ship Semester for Girls breaks down traditional barriers and puts girls at the helm of a tall ship at sea. The program offers girls who might otherwise never have such an opportunity a chance to test themselves, to accomplish real feats, and in the process, to discover themselves. America True is a proud sponsor on this program.

America True and Community Sailing
In our goal to expand community sailing, America True sees it role as one of helping to initiate programs in communities where they can be sustained by local organizations. In the fall of 2002, we completed our first successful cycle of intiation and transfer when San Francisco State University took over the management of the America True Sailing Programs at San Francisco's Lake Merced.

Lake Merced
With SFSU and San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department as its partners, America True launched its first season of the America True Youth Learn-to-Sail Summer Program on Lake Merced. More than 130 students, ages 8-16, and an additional 30 adults, received Beginner Sailor certification (based on US Sailing curriculum). The program was offered for free to youth participants through local youth agencies, and at low cost to other San Francisco residents. Supported agencies included the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco, Glide Memorial Church, Beacon Center, Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Center, as well as referrals from area youth centers in neighborhoods adjacent to Lake Merced. The program continues with the help of America True and your donations.

America True Youth sailing lessons are conducted on Lake Merced, a man-made watershed on the west side of San Francisco. The Lake Merced Task Force, Friends of Lake Merced, and San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department are working together to restore Lake Merced to a vital recreation area for city residents. The presence of the America True Youth program has drawn substantial focus to the revitalization efforts of Lake Merced and served to further educate the public about the need to preserve the water quality and ecosystem in the area.

For more information on the America True/SFSU Summer sail program call (415) 405-2449.

Camp Clipper
The program was created through the joint efforts of Sailing Education Adventures, America True, Performing Stars of Marin, Fish, a local restaurant, and Clipper Yacht Harbor in Sausalito, CA in 2004 to benefit the San Francisco and Marin County communities, particularly the youth of Marin City.

Camp Clipper is a one-week (5 days) half-day (3 hours) introduction to sailing.

Typically light (but naturally, unpredictable) morning breezes give students the opportunity to start learning about wind and water and to have fun sailing on Richardson Bay, all with safety in mind.

For more information on the Camp Clipper program, click here or call +1 (415) 775-8779

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